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Photo: Tony Silvagni Surf school

Lock your paddle too!

Lock your Kayak

Lock to your Leash Plug

Lock Multiple boards

Thousands worth of paddle gear saved from theft with DocksLocks.

DocksLocks security system is a stand up paddle board lock and surf board lock. The sup lock secures your surfboard, stand up paddle board, wake board, kite board, Kayak, and paddle deterring theft and freeing your mind. The DocksLocks surfboard Security System provides benefits to surfboard, paddleboard and Kayak owners, similar to the benefits that a bicycle lock provides. Would you buy a 900$ Bike without a lock for it? Protect your Surfboard from theft -- lock it with DocksLocks stand up paddle board locks and more! 

Lock Rental Paddle boards
Kayak Lock
Paddleboard Lock

​​​Locking Devices for Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Wake and Kite boards.